• Prof. Alan F. Cowman

    Prof. Alan F. Cowman

    The Walter and Eliza Hall institute of Medical Research, Australia

    TitleMalaria: Host Parasite Interactions

  • Dr. Alan Fenwik

    Dr. Alan Fenwik

    Imperial College, UK


  • Prof. Banchob Sripa

    Prof. Banchob Sripa

    Khon Kaen University, Thailand

    TitleAdvances in Asian Liver Flukes: From Bench to Community

  • Dr. Carlos Lanusse

    Dr. Carlos Lanusse

    National Council of Scientific and Technical Research, Argentine

    TitleAntiparasitic Drugs Pharmacology

  • Prof. Dwight Bowman

    Prof. Dwight Bowman

    Cornell University, USA


  • Prof. Felipe Guhl

    Prof. Felipe Guhl

    Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

    TitleArcheoparasitology : Parasite ecology and evolutionary trends

  • Emeritus Prof. Jong-Yil Chai

    Emeritus Prof. Jong-Yil Chai

    Seoul National University, Korea

    TitleFoodborne Parasites: Status and Issues

  • Prof. Keeseon S. Eom

    Prof. Keeseon S. Eom

    Chungbuk National University School of Medicine, Korea

    TitleTaeniasis and Cysticercosis with a Historical Review on Taenia Asiatica

  • Prof. Marcel Tanner

    Prof. Marcel Tanner

    Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Swiss

    TitleGlobal Health Challenges and the Elimination of Parasitic Diseases: Chances or Contradictions?!?

  • Prof. Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena

    Prof. Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena

    Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, USA

    TitleThe Fibrinolytic System is Essential for Plasmodium Infection of Its Mosquito Vector and Its Mammalian Host

  • Prof. Maria Yazdanbakhsh

    Prof. Maria Yazdanbakhsh

    Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands

    Title​The Good or the Bad? What Helminths are Teaching Us

  • Dr. Patricia J. Johnson

    Dr. Patricia J. Johnson

    University of California, USA

    TitleCell Biology & Pathogenesis of the Human-infective Parasite Trichomonas Vaginalis

  • Prof. Rebecca J. Traub

    Prof. Rebecca J. Traub

    University of Melbourne, Australia

    TitlePublic Health, Veterinary Medicine, Infectious Diseases

  • Prof. Richard M. Maizels

    Prof. Richard M. Maizels

    University of Glasgow, UK

    TitleLearning from Parasites: New Immune Regulators from Helminths

  • Prof. Simonetta Mattiucci

    Prof. Simonetta Mattiucci

    Umberto I. Hospital, Italy


  • Prof. Tomoyoshi Nozaki

    Prof. Tomoyoshi Nozaki

    The University of Tokyo, Japan

    TitleProtein and Lipid Trafficking in the Pathogenesis of Entamoeba Histolytica

  • Prof. Xiao-Nong Zhou

    Prof. Xiao-Nong Zhou

    Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, China